AFNR Courses


Animal Systems Food Products & Processing Systems Natural Resources Systems Plant Systems Career Development
Pet & Companion Animals

Animal Science

Veterinary Science**

Adv. Animal Science*

Food Processing

Food Science**

Food Science Research & Development

Outdoor Recreation


Plant & Soil Science


Leadership & Group Dynamics

Employability Skills

Seniors Only

*Transcripted credit available

**Science-equivalent course. Helps satisfy science credit requirement for graduation.



Animal Systems Pathway


Pet/Companion Animal Care

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 9-12


This course will allow you to explore the selection of animals, feeding, reproduction, animal health and behavior of specific animal species. Domestic animals that will be covering include: dogs, cats, rabbits, and additional species to be determined by the class. Animal welfare and animal rights will also be discussed. Hands-on experience with animals will be part of the class.


Animal Science

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 10-12


The major focus of the course is to expose students to the world of agriculture, animal science, and career options. Students participating in the course will have experiences in various animal science concepts with exciting hands-on activities, projects, and problems. Students’ experiences will involve the study of animal behavior, nutrition, reproduction, selection, and marketing. Throughout the course, students will consider the perceptions and preferences of individuals within local, regional, and world markets.


Veterinary Science (Science Credit)

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 10-12


Do you want to go into the medical field? Or do you just love animals? This course teaches basic concepts of animal health.  As a part of this course, we will be exploring the veterinary practices used in the industry for both small and large animals including safety, terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical practices, and more. Hands-on experiences with animals will be part of the class.


Advanced Animal Science (Transcripted Credit – FVTC)

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 11-12 Prerequisite – Animal Science OR Veterinary Science


Provides fundamental knowledge of the animal science field. Topics include, exploration of the animal industry, job related safety, animal health, basic animal anatomy and physiology,

genetics principles of selection, reproduction management strategies, record keeping, body  condition evaluation, animal feedstuffs, and animal production budgeting. Participants will

experience animal concepts through the completion of hands-on activities.


Food Products & Processing Systems Pathway


Food Processing (formerly Food Science II)

1 Semester                        0.5 credits                  1st or  2nd Semester                                  Grades 9-12


This course will prepare students for careers in raw food processing. Topics for processing include: dairy foods, meat products, fruit and vegetable processing and specialty products. Cutting edge foods will be created along with sustainable locally grown commodities. Other units include: food safety, beneficial and harmful food microorganisms, fermentation, dehydration, packaging, and other processes. Students will use the agriculture food lab.


Food Science (Science Credit)

1 Semester                        0.5 credits                  1st or  2nd Semester                                 Grades 10-12


Students will complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems that simulate actual concepts and situations found in the food science and safety industry, allowing students to build content knowledge and technical skills. Students will investigate areas of food science including food safety, food chemistry, and food processing.


Food Science Research & Development

(This course is only offered in alternate years. It will next be offered in 2016-2017)

1 Semester                        0.5 credits                  1st or  2nd Semester                                 Grades 10-12


This course builds upon the Food Processing and Food Science courses. Students will complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems that focus on preference and product availability, food product development, and marketing. Research and experimental design will be highlighted as students develop and conduct industry appropriate investigations. There is a strong focus on  student-directed, project-, and inquiry-based learning.


Natural Resources Systems Pathway


The Great Outdoors

1 Semester 0.5 credits                        2nd Semester                               Grades 9-12

This course is designed to provide students with a deeper appreciation for our wildlife and natural resources. Topics will include careers, wildlife species, hunting, and fishing. A focus will be on Wisconsin species. A taxidermy unit will require students to prepare either a fish or small game animal, for which the student is responsible for providing the animal and paying for all material costs.



1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st Semester Grades 10-12

(This course is only offered in alternate years. It will next be offered in 2016-2017)


Students will explore the forestry industry and conservation practices for the 21st century.  This course focuses on Wisconsin forestry and includes Wisconsin forest history, identification, dendrochronology, succession, economic impacts, demands in local markets and interactions within the ecosystem.  Students will gain practical experience in managing our natural resources.  We will utilize the school forest for labs and hands-on experiences.


Plant Systems Pathways


Plant and Soil Science

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 9-12


This is a foundation-level course that will teach students about the form and function of plant systems. Students are immersed in inquiry-based exercises filled with activities, projects, and problems to teach them plant concepts through laboratory and practical experiences. Student experiences will include the study of plant anatomy and physiology, classification, and the fundamentals of production and harvesting.


Horticulture (Transcripted Credit – NWTC)

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 11-12


Do you enjoy being outdoors and working with plants? This course will allow to get a head start in potential careers in the plant and landscape industry. Students will explore the horticulture industry, plant culture, identification, propagation, physiology, selected aspects of horticulture industry including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, greenhouse systems, landscape techniques, home gardens, and turf. We will use the Gillett High School Greenhouse as a hands-on learning laboratory.

Career Development


Leadership & Group Dynamics

(This course is only offered in alternate years. It will next be offered in 2015-2016)

1 Semester 0.5 credits 1st OR 2nd Semester Grades 9-12

This class will challenge students to find the leader within in order to make them competitive in today’s society.  Working independently and as a team member, this course is designed to educate the student on premier leadership, personal growth and career success. Skills in the areas of communication, goal setting, time management, financial planning, and job interviews will be taught. Students will also have an opportunity to explore their personality traits and improve their written communication skills.


Employability Skills (formerly Seniors Only 1)

1 Semester                         0.5 credits                         1st Semester                               Grades 11-12


Match your interests and skills to career options with a focus on using employment information effectively, acquiring and improving job-seeking and interview skills, composing job applications and resumes, and learning the skills needed to remain in and advance within the workplace. This is a prerequisite for work study students.


Seniors Only

1 Semester                         0.5 credits                         2nd Semester                                  Grades 12


Developed especially for seniors to help answer the big question everyone asks, “What will you do after you graduate?” Seniors will learn to make realistic goals, reduce their stress, create a five-year plan, survive roommates and dorm life and develop skills in organization, budgeting, and study skills. Students will face college life and beyond with confidence!



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