Looking for Oconto County Youth Fair Forms & Information for Your Livestock Project?

Are looking for specific forms for your Livestock Project for the 2015 Oconto County Youth Fair?  This information can be located at the following website: http://oconto.uwex.edu/agriculture/youth-agriculture-programs/.  In addition to species specific forms, you have access to a Calendar of Events which will list pertinent information such as weigh in and other deadlines.  Please check this webpage for more information.

Dear Oconto County Swine Project Exhibitors,

The Wisconsin state veterinarian has banned swine county fair weigh-ins due to the persistence of PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus). The decision has been made by the Oconto County Fair Board to have a terminal show for the 2015 swine project at the Oconto County Youth Fair. There will be no breeding classes shown and all swine brought to the fair will be sent to slaughter at the termination of the 2015 Oconto County Youth Fair. The same procedure as last year will be followed.

Identification of swine will be via RFID tags available from the Oconto County UW-Extension office. Please call the UW-Extension office at (920) 834-6845 to report how many swine (per exhibitor) you plan to identify and tags will be mailed directly to the exhibitor. Directions for the proper placement of the ear tag(s) will be mailed along with the RFID tags.

Exhibitors will need two digital photographs (side view and front view) of the swine once they have been tagged with the RFID fair tags. The side view photograph should include the entire animal with the exhibitor and the front view photo should clearly display the tag number. Exhibitors will submit one completed 2015 Swine Exhibitor Form with accompanying photographs per animal identified.

The submission deadline for the completed 2015 Swine Exhibitor Form with photographs is April 25, 2015, to staciepienta@gmail.com.

If you have questions regarding acquisition of tags or completion of the form, please call the Oconto County UW-Extension office at (920) 834-6845.


Sarah Mills-Lloyd, DVM
Agriculture Agent—Specializing in Dairy and Livestock
Oconto County UW-Extension