212 and 360 Personal Development Conferences

The 212 Conference and the 360 Conference are scheduled for November 15-16 at The Plaza Hotel and Suites in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Four pairs of presenters from National FFA will be in Wisconsin to help FFA members develop personal and leadership skills.   The conferences begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and ends around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Registration is due to Ms. Claflin by October 23 with permission form and a $50 down payment. The total cost of the conference is $90, which includes Friday Night Pizza Party and Dance, Sat. Breakfast, Lunch Buffet with Ice Cream Sundaes.
Registration materials are online at:  


212 Conference is focused on Growth. (Designed for 9-10th grade)  
Students will complete the following objectives…
Identifying four segments of personal growth.
Determining role personal habits play in personal growth.
Developing a personal growth plan.
Differentiating between personal and professional relationship and the role of social media.
Identifying a mentor/coach.
360 Conference is focused on Influence. (Designed for 11-12th grade) Students will complete the following objectives…
Defining influence.
Identifying the influence process.
Recognizing relationship potential.
Demonstrating logic when solving complex problems.
Recognizing benefits of maintaining a positive image.
Reviewing qualities of collaboration and demonstrate collaboration skills
Inspecting everyday influence.

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