2013 Banquet Review

The Gillett FFA had their annual banquet at Romy’s Holiday Inn on Kelly Lake on Sunday, May 5th.  All of the members were recognized for their accomplishments over the past school year.

Some of the awards the members received were the Discovery Degree which was given to the 7th and 8th grade members, those who received it were Hanna Brock, Lauren Herzog, Evan Rank, Reid Winkler, and Taylor Yonker. The Greenhand Degree is offered to high school first year high school members was given to Hailey Brock, Amberlee DeBauch, Gabriela Guerrero, Marissa Sherman, Thomas Nauke, Donavon Rose, Jacob Timm, and Austin Wright. The Chapter Degree is offered to second year members, Nik Hoeft and Sommer Pawlak received this award this year. A State Degree is the highest award an FFA member can receive at the state level; Kallie Rank will be receiving hers this June at State Convention.

In February five members sent in Proficiencies Applications to be judged by a panel of judges. They included Kallie Rank in Agriculture Education; Abbey Horsens in Dairy Production-Placement; Danielle Timm in Equine Science-Placement; and Raymond Brock and Andrea Wians in Poultry. Abbey Horsens received sixteenth in the state for her Dairy Production- Placement application. The Scholarship Award is given to a member in each high school grade that has the highest grade point average of the members in their grade, this year’s winners were freshmen: Jacob Timm, sophomore: Nik Hoeft, junior: Danielle Timm, senior: Kallie Rank. Without fundraising the chapter could not do all the things they have been able to do this year. We award the top three salespeople with a gift certificate to the FFA store. This year’s winners were 3rd place: Taylor Yonker, 2nd place: Danielle and Jacob Timm, and 1st place: Raymond Brock.

At the end of the banquet, was the time the officer candidates had been waiting for, the announcement of the 2013-2014 officer team. This year’s officer team is President, Abbey Horsens; Co-Vice Presidents, Rachel Ransom and Skhyler Simpson; Secretary, Raymond Brock; Treasurer, Danielle Timm, Reporter, Jacob Timm; and Co-Sentinels, Hailey Brock and Korey Badeau.


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