Senior Reflections

Students enrolled in Ms. Claflin’s Seniors Only class were asked a few questions as they get ready to graduate on Sunday. Here are a few of their responses:

What is an example of a positive difference the Gillett School District has made in your life?

Being a small school, it has given me many advantages. For one thing, teachers are always available for questions.

It has given a different view of schools and will lessen the transition from high school to college.

A positive difference that Gillett has made in my life is that it has prepared me for college by allowing me to take college credit courses. Also, I made a lot of good friends that have made a positive difference in my life.

This school district has taught me many things that will be useful in my life way after school.

It has made me become a better person. I think the class that helped me out the most was Mrs. Rousseau’s Speech class. It made me feel more comfortable to get up in front of class and give presentations.

Seniors Top Advice for Underclassmen

1. study hard
2. enjoy your time
3. get involved
4. play sports
5. the end comes fast. Make the most of your time here.

-Take as many college classes as you can
– Split up what years you take hard classes so you aren’t taking them all at once
– Don’t procrastinate on large assignments.
– Don’t get to stresses out about how much you have to do, it’s usually a lot less than it actually seems
– Prioritize what you need to get done, don’t spend hours working on one thing when you have five other assignments that also need to get done.

Be nice, Don’t slack off, Get work in on time, Don’t be a jerk, Be all you can be.

Get your homework done.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Push yourself.
Don’t procrastinate.

1. Don’t care about what others think.
2. Study alot
3. Do your homework and I guarantee you will pass
4. Don’t let your friends peer pressure you
5. If something is really bothering you, you should talk to someone about it, because they can help you, and support you through it.


Rank featured on National FFA Website

The Washington Leadership Conference is the premier event for FFA members who live out the last line of the FFA motto, “living to serve.” Each student is challenged to serve through a plan that they create and take back to their communities. Kallie Rank’s plan is featured on the National FFA Website. You can read more about it here

You’ll know.

A great message for ag students and FFA members!

National FFA Organization Blog


At the New York State Convention I was standing there on the track surrounded by the State Officer team and hundreds of fellow FFA Members, parents and guests as we peered into the black sky.  BOOM! The first of many explosions went up into the sky and burst into thousands of tiny particles that lit up the night sky. We were witnessing one amazing fireworks show!IMG_20130502_212901_273

While we were watching, a fellow observer said, “Is this the finale, because it kind of stinks.” I laughed and replied, “When I was little I always used to ask my mom the same question-‘ Is this the finale?’ And every time I’d ask, she’d retort ‘Trust me, you’ll know’.  And she was right, so like my mom use to tell me- trust me, you’ll know.”  We continued watching until finally, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!  The individual then looked at…

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Wisconsin FFA Convention 2013 – “See the Vision, Live the Mission”

  • When: Tuesday, June 11 (5am) – Thursday, June 13 (6pm)

  • Where: Madison, WI

  • What are we going to do?
    o Attend high-energy sessions
    o Workshops
    o Hear from top-notch speakers o Celebrate Wisconsin FFA!
    o Hypnotist show

  • Cost: $75 (includes hotel, lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday, t-shirt & hypnotist show)

  • What do I need?
    o Official dress (see Ms. C if you don’t have a jacket)
    o Casual dress/swimsuit for hotel
    o Money for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and lunch on Thursday o A positive attitude! 

    Down payment of $25 is due to Ms. Claflin on May 17 —
    Any questions ask Ms. Claflin or email at