Highlights of the Day in the Ag Room

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It was a busy day today in the ag room. 3rd hour students in Greenhouse, Plants and Flowers learned about the different layers of soil and their purpose by creating edible soil profiles. They filled their cups with a variety of foods to represent each layer. Reese’s peanut butter cups represented bedrock, crushed up Nutter Butter cookies were clay and crushed chocolate sandwich cookies simulated topsoil. The profiles were complete with a few gummi worms and m&ms representing the conservation layer.

Students in 4th hour Woods, Water and Wildlife played wildlife track bingo with Chad and Rachel from the Oconto County Land Conservation Division. Those middle schoolers know their wild animals! It was great to hear about jobs available in natural resources and the important role wildlife plays in Oconto County.

After lunch, students in Small Animal Science learned about cat behaviors and showed their understanding by creating cats out of modeling dough. For a variety of different behaviors, they had to change their cat to represent the correct body language by moving the ears and tail of their cat.


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