Science Equivalent Courses Approved for 2012-2013 School Year

Students enrolled in Food Science and Veterinary Science for the 2012-2013 school year will receive science equivalent credit towards graduation. The equivalency will be documented on the student’s transcript by designating “ES’ (equivalent science) following the course title. University of Wisconsin System campuses have agreed to accept the certified agriculture/science courses towrad admission requirements in science.

“Congratulations on your hard work and efforts to obtain this equivalency for your students,” Dr. Tony Evers, State Superintendent, Department of Public Instruction.

To receive science equivalency Ms. Claflin crosswalked the agriculture course curriculum for Food Science and Vet Science with state agriculture and science standards. A committee consisting of Mr. Pach, Ms. Rauterkus, Ms. Brunette, Julie Yonker and Ms. Claflin met to review the crosswalks. The courses were then approved by the Gillett School Board and forwarded on to DPI.


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