Win an NFL Player Visit to YOUR Dairy Farm!

Not everyone that is in agriculture or FFA is on a dairy farm. However there is a unique opportunity for those that are invovled with dairy…

A new dairy check off photo contest is underway to show off how you, your family, your farm, and even your cows support your favorite NFL team or player.

Producers are invited to “capture your family’s pride for the dairy industry and support of your NFL team” by submitting a photo to the Show Your Pride photo contest. An NFL player will visit the dairy of the person who submitted the winning entry.

Past photos have shown cows dressed as football players and cheerleaders and the newest generation on a family’s dairy sporting a very large jersey. Last year, the winning photo showed how one young farmer has supported the Green Bay Packers his entire life, even bringing some of his team memorabilia to the barn for his photo shoot.

The contest ends Friday, Sept. 14.

The rules of the photo contest are simple: Get your family and employees in on the act by wearing your team’s jerseys and other gear. Send festive photos of your barn decorated in NFL colors, team banners or posters. Get your cows involved by covering them in a team blanket or some other tasteful gear. These photos will be posted to a public website for voting. Cows should be portrayed in a manner consistent with their natural environment that showcases your daily commitment to their comfort and care. The final step is to vote for your favorite photo. In mid-September, we’ll provide a link to the submitted photos and the public will judge. Remember to vote frequently. Previous winners aren’t eligible to win the contest again so that other dairy advocates have a chance to receive a visit from an NFL player.

Local dairy checkoff staff can assist with brainstorming or other photo contest needs. Producers can direct questions and submit photos through Sept. 14 to Scott Wallin at (

Good luck “showing your pride!”


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